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Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir
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Thanks to late Tibor Gál besides Hungarian varieties we can also produce pinot noir every year. One of the varieties of the region with great expectations. The vintage of our Steiner Cru.

Its sparkling ruby colour makes promising sight. The aromas increase the experience by the complexity. Hip-jam, punch, raspberry and raspberry leaf is dominant as fruity and oak aged character in rotation. Not superabundant in the nose nor on the palate. It has been changing, opening all the time. Despite it is the wine of a virgin vintage gracefully opens its wings. Acids and tannins are in the background giving place its fruitiness. Fresh sour cherry, plum and bottled sweet cherry taste is dominant. A wine with expressly long finish. Fine spices and tobacco are in the aftertaste, especially when we do dry test. However it is not a full – bodied wine it is very multiple. A great example of the pinot noir variety.


100% Pinot Noir

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