3W Importer of Record Program

3W Beverage Importers offers quality wine and spirit producers the opportunity to join our “Importer of Record Program”.
This service offers wine and spirit producers the ability to ship products into the United States for wine/spirit shows, tastings and for marketing purposes.
3W Beverage Importers will serve as your company's importer of record maintaining all of the requirements needed for you products to be shipped into the United States.

How Does the Importer of Record Program Work?

1. Companies pay a yearly registration fee for which 3W Beverage Importers will act as your Importer of Record, maintain and update all of the necessary filings (FDA, ATF, etc.) required by the US Federal Government and the various US state and territorial governments. You will need to provide 3W Beverage Importers with a list and an electronic version of the label of all the wines/spirits your company intends to ship into the US market so we can pre register your products with the authorities.

2. Companies registered with 3W Beverage Importers’ “Importer of Record Program” pay a per event fee to facilitate COLA (Label) approvals or waivers on your behalf for your wine or spirits if necessary, customs clearance of your shipments and arrangement of any interstate transportation of your products. (This fee does not include CBP required customs clearance charges, duties and taxes.)

3. For further information or and application please contact 3W Importers.