Reflecting a new spirit of winemaking, the wines of the Grand Tokaj winery are prepared under the guidance of Károly Áts, winner of the title of “Winemaker of the Year” in 2012 and acclaimed for his 100-point Tokaji Essencia, who has been the company’s chief oenologist since 2013. Károly Áts believes that a winemaker’s personality always seeps through the wine, and his wines therefore radiate happiness and joie de vivre. He always thinks positively, as he believes that otherwise joy will not permeate the wine, for good wine can only be made by a happy winemaker. Áts considers himself a happy man, whose work is also his hobby. Born and bred in Tokaj-Hegyalja, grapes and wine always played a part in his life through his father. His aim is to return nature’s gifts through his wines and to bring joy to wine drinkers. “I was born in a wine region I regard as a miracle. This is my homeland. I was born into a family where my father and mother taught me to respect and love nature. My father would always say, ‘Son, just always be yourself and no one else.’ And neither do I want to be. All I ever wish to be is the Karcsi Áts he raised me to be.”


Grand Tokaj

Grand Tokaj Zrt. 3934
Tolcsva,Petőfi Sándor st. 36–40.