Our Method

3W Beverage Importers, LLC is an importer of high quality unique wines and spirits from Western, Central and Eastern Europe. 3W Beverage Importers is driven by the concept that there are many high quality undiscovered wines and spirits in Europe that never reach the market in the United States or other nations in the Americas. We seek to be the conduit for these products into the markets of the Americas.

In pursuit of our mission 3W Beverage Importers has and continues to develop solid business relationships with many high quality cellars and distillers in Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Italy, which enables our import house to deliver unique new wines and spirits to the market at competitive and sustainable prices. With headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia and Washington, DC and strategic partners in Hawaii, Hungary, Germany and Japan, the 3W team provides quality service and is in a position to offer wineries worldwide access.

How We Work

3W believes in quality and bang for the buck. Nothing else matters but the quality of the juice in the bottle. We select wines that are true to type and classic in their flavors; focused and on target. Our selections tend to be fresh and bright and show good fruit/acid balance. We purchase only finished wines, as we understand that buying by barrel sample and not by finished wine can lead to major disappointment for both the importer and his clients. Our goal is to find wines that over deliver!

As a small business, we at 3W Beverage Importers make sourcing our fine wines and spirits from family owned and operated small business producers our priority. Our process of recruiting best in class wine and spirit producers for our portfolio focuses on hands-on visits to the facilities of our partners and determining if they utilize the best industry practices in producing their products. This method ensures that 3W Importers carries brands with the highest quality-to-value from wine and spirit houses that utilize clean and modern practices. 

The professionals affiliated with 3W Beverage Importers have a reputation for providing a superior level of individualized service to our clients. For over 23 years the members of the firm have worked closely with all aspects of the wine and spirits industry (retailers, wholesalers and producers) with an approach that is founded in a commitment to integrity and hard work.

We, as an import house, pride ourselves on the relationships between our principals and our clients. We do not do work for our clients, we do work with our clients. We are partners and teammates with them. Working in a collaborative manner, we develop strategies that utilize the strengths and opportunities that this teaming arrangement affords. 

About Us

The professionals who comprise 3W Beverage Importers have extensive experience in both the private and public sectors. For over 23 years the members of the firm have worked closely with all aspects of the wine and spirits industry (retailers, wholesalers and producers) and have developed an extensive network of personal relationships with high quality producers and decision-makers.

We manage the compliance and logistic aspects of importing products into the United States and other global markets. Our Honolulu office manages access to Asia and our Hungarian office acts as the liaison to the producers of Central and Eastern Europe.