Currently, Gál Tibor Winery operates a total of 40 hectares in five outstanding vineyards of Eger including Síkhegy, Pajados, Áfrika, Tornyos and the Nagy-Eged Mountain. Tibor Gál Jr. manages daily operations including the fusion of processes relating to vines, the cellar and catering, in which his younger sister, Veronika Gál is also involved. Gál Tibor Winery has from the very beginning strived to fully reflect these features, the terroir in the wines. Even Tibor Gál Sr laid great emphasis on items selected from the vineyards, which best reflect the attributes of the terroir. The traditions of Eger, his work and diary notes provide the groundwork for the present composition of the Estate so the vast potential of the vineyards can be utilized to its fullest.Gál Tibor birtok. Our aim is to represent the characteristic features of Eger at the highest level and to build great brands such as Egri Csillag and Egri Bikavér.


Gal Tibor

3300 Eger
Csiky Sándor U. 10


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